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Rules of Hockey
FIH Rules of Hockey - Sept 2017
2015-2016 AGM
2015-2016 AGM notification
Committee nominations for 2016-2017
Secretary 2015-2016 report
County Disciplinary Officer 2015-2016 report
BHUA Membership Form
BHUA Membership Form - 2016
BHUA Privacy Policy
BHUA Privacy Policy
BHUA Social Media Policy
Social Media Policy

BHUA have adopted the attached guidelines, with thanks to the NPUA

Insurance cover
Summary of cover
BHUA Constitution and Rules
BHUA Constitution and Rules as approved at the 2013 AGM
Advice to umpires
South Discipline Administators

Contact details updated 25 June 2011

Red Card/MMO Report Form

Updated October 2017

Code of Ethics & Behaviour Disrepute Incident Form

Updated September 2015

Penalty Notification form

Updated September 2011: for information

Level 1 Umpire Assessment
Level 1 Umpire Assessment Form Guidance
Level 1 Umpire Assessment Form - June 2015
New SCHA Rule
New SCHA rule for 2012-2013
Young Umpires
Development Plan 2012/2013
2014-2015 AGM
2014-2015 AGM notification
Committee nominations for 2015-2016
DRAFT 2014 AGM minutes
Secretary 2014-2015 report
County Disciplinary Officer 2014-2015 report
2013-2014 AGM
2013-2014 AGM notification
Covering memo for 2013-2014 AGM
Council nominations for Council for 2014-2015
2013 AGM minutes - APPROVED
Appointments Secretary 2013-2014 report
County Disciplinary Officer 2013-2014 report
Secretary 2013-2014 report
2013-2014 Newsletters
2013-2014 Newsletter for members
2013-2014 Newsletter for clubs
2012-2013 AGM
2012-2013 AGM notification
Covering note for 2012-2013 AGM notification
Council nominations for Council for 2013-2014
Minutes of the 2012 AGM - APPROVED
BHUA Rules with proposed changes
Notes on the proposed changes to the BHUA Rules
Appointment Secretary 2012-2013 report
County Disciplinary Officer 2012-2013 report
Chair of Selectors 2012-2013 report
Secretary 2012-2013 report

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